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What is Comparable Market Analysis

A Comparable market analysis (CMA) is a "detailed" market data report that is gathered from homes that are currently listed, pending and that have sold in your neighborhood.  This data and the improvements and/or additions done on your home will give me the information I need to determine the "value" of your home.  

Our Initial Consultation

I will visit with you personally, preview your home, ask you important questions regarding your property; home additions, repairs, new equipment/appliances, interior and exterior improvements etc. once I gather my information, and preview your home, I can then go back and do my market research.

Note: Third party websites will not take into consideration any home improvements or upgrades you have done to your home. 

Information Confidential

Our consultation is strictly private and confidential and at no cost to you.  CMA reports value from $200.00 to $275.00 but I provide it to sellers absolutely FREE.

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